About Artist / Designer - Meredith Franck


The unique aspect of a “Meredith Franck Original” is the designer herself who works alone in her studio.

This is why she can guarentee the quality of each piece. Rarely is an article of clothing made by the same person from beginning to end. Her hand skilled clothing is simple, elegant, versatile, and long-lasting. These become signature pieces for the extraordinary individual.

Meredith is often in her studio drilling shells, bamboo, stones or wood for buttons and accents. She also hand-dyes or creates “Shibori” collars, patch-work, and scarves. Her cotttage showroom houses the most recent collection of her work and can be seen by Appointment Only.

Meredith uses rare antique fabric, often hand-dyed to preserve its integrity. She will incorporated these rare treasures with new fabrics. Her work includes vintage or antique buttons. Many of her designs can be seen in galleries and museums. She prefers working with all natural materials but understands the needs of the traveling client so she makes many items ready-to-wear.

Her designs simplify getting dressed - whether you have an early morning staff meeting, attend a business lunch, or a social function...you're ready to go with a Meredith Franck Original!

Meredith Franck Originals can be seen in these retail high-end boutiques. Once a piece is sold, no other like it will be made, although custom orders and special requests are very welcome.


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